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2018 Henry Awards’ sensibilities go for Arvada Center

The Arvada Center took home eight of the 28 competitive awards, including Outstanding Production of a Play for its contemporary adaptation of Sense and Sensibility — on wheels.

WESTWORD: Best Director of 2017

BEST DIRECTOR: Geoffrey Kent directed Waiting for Godot at the Arvada Center in the spring, followed by The Foreigner in fall, and his talent for comic schtick — evident in both productions though very differently employed in each — is peerless. -Juliet Wittman, WESTWORD

Best Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Shakespeare Play

Geoffrey Kent’s Iago was hands down the best reason to see the Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s Othello last summer.

2015 True West Award & Podcast

It’s a rare thing to be watching any live performance and just know that you are witnessing a moment of culmination and ascendancy. Last summer in Boulder, it happened twice.

Best Actor in a Shakespeare Play

Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1 is filled with complex and fascinating characters, and one of the most fascinating, at least as played by Geoffrey Kent, is Hotspur.

Best Theatre Production: Midsummer

​The Colorado Shakespeare Festival is in transition and its last season was uneven — but Geoffrey Kent’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream ransomed the summer.

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

Even so, we couldn’t possibly have anticipated the level of his brilliant, manic energy in the role.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Shakespeare Tragedy

Mercutio is one hell of a role, with some of the best speeches anywhere in Shakespeare. All in All, Kent’s performance was a tour de force.

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical

Among many fine performances in musicals this season, Geoffrey Kent’s Officer Lockstock stood out.