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Review: Macbeth

“Geoff Kent cuts through the play’s darkness — literal and figurative both — as a virtuous and good-hearted Macduff. He handles the scene in which he learns the fate of his family by going inward and contrasting the violence with stillness. It’s a powerful moment.”

Review: The Lieutenant of Inishmore

But The Lieutenant of Inishmore doesn’t glorify violence; it exposes it as the last resort of stupid, mentally powerless people. I have to admit that all the ghoulish bloodletting does give a certain horrified pleasure — witness all the guilty, chuckling gasps emitted by the audience.

Review: Of Mice and Men

If you know the story, you know it culminates in a neck snap, and it’s so harrowingly performed here, when the victim went limp, I wanted to shout for an ambulance. It was that believable.

Review: Urinetown

Particularly enjoyable is the duo of Geoffrey Kent, whose Officer Lockstock combines stiff-necked authoritativeness with gyrating physical looseness and the very talented Genevieve Baer as Little Sally, resisting the temptation to parody a part thats pure parody in itself.

Review: Belle & the Beast

Belle and the Beast features some very strong performances, particularly Geoffrey Kent as the Beast. It’s his portrayal, along with the magical set, that really carries the evening.